Film Credits

Produced & Edited by Clare Major
Camera & Sound: Clare Major, Alba Mora Roca, Sweta Vohra
Narration: Hajah Kandeh
Original Music: William Ryan Fritch
Creative Commons Music: Nine Inch Nails

Creative Advisors: Jon Else, Jean-Philippe Boucicaut, Cassandra Herrman
Content Advisor: George Scharffenberger
Technical Advisors: Karen Everett, Kean Sakata

Special Thanks to:
The Bah Family
Andrew Geweke
Rebecca Cover
J284 Documentary Production
J234 Africa Reporting Project
Paul & Renee Major
Callie Shanafelt
Moussa Sow
Team Tamba

Made Possible in Part by Grants from:
Margaret & Will Hearst
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Produced in:
The Graduate School of Journalism
University of California, Berkeley

all NIN sequences (cc) BY-NC-SA
all other material © 2010 Clare Major